Forget Passwords



Have too many passwords to remember? Don’t know where to write it down? Don’t know how to keep them safe? Scared that someone will steal your passwords?
Well, the answer for all your questions is to just forget them all because this app is going to remember it for you..!


Download the app from Google play store:


Benefits of the app:

1) Just remember one locker passcode and you can forget everything else.

2) The app does not request for any internet permissions so your passwords are safe inside the locker.

3) The saved passwords are encrypted using strong and standard algorithms.

4) You can backup/export the passwords to an encrypted file whenever you need and take it wherever you want and import to any device with Forget Passwords app.

5) The app is totally Ad free…!

### Note: We don’t provide locker passcode reset option for security reasons. So don’t forget that. ###

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